Friday, February 13, 2009

Leaves and Flowers

All right! I finally have a picture of the Leaf Panelled Baby Blanket, so now I can finally post about it.
After all, if I'm not sticking very well to my promise for shorter entries, I may as well always include pictures, right? Right.

So, the blanket is going well, now. I have learned the vital importance of stitch markers to lace projects, and also not to watch tv while working on something that required me to count a lot, especially as I am first starting said thing, and not familiar with it.
I'm only 30 rows in (3 pattern repeats), but I think if I can make myself do 10 rows (one pattern repeat) every night, I should be able to do the crochet edging and have the whole thing done by the 1st. Yes, that is the day Sheila is due, but that's also when I next get paid, so it has to wait until then. I'm a little nervous about how much yarn I have - I may not be able to do the booties in this yarn even if I do have time. Oh, well. I'll figure it all out.

Also - spring is almost upon us! I took these yesterday while I went for a walk (my way of excusing myself from not going to the gym), and the weather was gorgeous.
I did not need a coat, only a long-sleeved shirt. Not sure what the purple is, but the pink and white are ume blossoms, the precursor to the cherry blossoms. These are only a tiny sign of the gorgeous yet to come, but I think the bright splash of pink in late winter, when things have been grey for so long, is amazing.Lovely! Of course, it's only mid-February, so I expect it to get cold again before spring shows up for real, but the ray of light has given me some motivation. I'm going to put more effort into enjoying the time I have left here, and to finding money to pay for when I get back.

Unfortunately, I think the sickness that has been hovering all winter long has finally attacked for real. My throat feels terrible. Boo.

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