Friday, February 27, 2009

In Which I Report Some Minor Progress and Major Obsessions

Yurk! It's been a while.

Last week I was sick and planted myself firmly on my heated carpet with all the Harry Potter books in our small but incredible ALT library. These are all books that ALTs in Yats have left and donated over the years, so while it is pretty huge, it is more than a bit random. I'm in the process of getting on Goodreads (do not get me started), so if you want you can check it out yourself. Anyway, the library only has books 1, 2, 4, and 6, and I have 7 which I read on the plane from LA to Tokyo. I just love those books. But while I didn't miss skipping number three too much (it only hurt a little), I found that I could not bring myself to skip number 5. That might be my favorite one. What to do?

Still feeling lazy and incapable of peeling myself from the floor for anything except work (and that was very, very grudgingly), I rented the first five Harry Potter movies from Tsutaya and started watching those over the weekend and the first part of this week. God, that second movie is just the absolute worst. Sucked every bit of joy and humor from the book and replaced it with wooden delivery and new bits of "drama" that were generally terrible. All in all, the movies are okay, but the books are so much richer, why even bother?

Now, do you see what I was NOT doing in all of this? Knitting. I don't know what got in to me. Or got out, or whatever. I just couldn't be bothered.

But this weekend I did pick up the blanket again for a bit, and this week I've made myself do one pattern repeat per night. I've actually gotten so comfortable with the pattern that I can do it while watching a movie now. Yea! By Wednesday, I'd run out of HP movies, so I moved on to the classic Jane Austens. Persuasion is such an excellent movie - don't you just lurve Captain Wentworth? Sigh.
So now the blanket is just about halfway done - at least the knitting part is halfway done. There'll still be the border after that. And Sheila is due this weekend. Yikes.

Which is actually cool, right? Hell, my friend is going to have a baby this weekend or around now or next week or something! Crazy!

But it does put a bit of pressure on.Oh, and I couldn't stand it - I bought used copies of HP 3 and 5 from BetterWorld Books. It was only $17 bucks to buy and ship them, and really, how could I let the library go all unfinished like that? I looked for used copies of the Patrick O'Brian books, too, but nada. Well, at least my OCD has been partially satisfied.

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MLE said...

The blanket looks great thus far! I've made a bunch of knitted baby blankets (some of which are on my blog under the making things for babies tag) but haven't ever attempted a lace pattern other than a few squares in my magnum opus blanket that I finished in November. Right now I'm working on one based on the "Op Art" pattern from but I can't post photos until I finish it and send it off because I want it to be a surprise for the recipient!