Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Balls Are Nippy

Hey, look, I'm actually doing another blog when I said I would. This is pretty amazing.

And what do I have for you? Balls!

These delightful little things are the Stockinette Short-Row Spheres that have become cat toys. They are cute, aren't they? And super easy and quick. At least, they're quick when I can be bothered to focus.

So I bought something that I thought was catnip at the pet store, and for once, what I bought turned out to be exactly what I thought it was. This does not happen as often as it might in a country where I could, you know, read the labels of things. Katie, Brenda, and I managed it together, though, along with the helpful picture on the package of a cat freaking out. It's just a tiny plastic bottle of powder, some of which I tapped into the stuffing as I finished the second ball. Before I shipped anything off to DC, I wanted to test it out, so I took that little beta ball over to Brenda's to be tested out by her cats Petruschka and Paljas. And woo boy, is that stuff potent. Petruschka nearly tore the ball to shreds right then and there. Brenda says she only lets him have it a bit at a time, but a week later it still seems to be working.

Name: Balls!, for the cats of Brenda and Reidy.
Pattern: Stockinette Short-Row Spheres, by Brent Annable.
Yarn: Patons Decor in Secret Garden, one of those variegated skeins I bought cause it looked so pretty but then turned out to be terrible in any actual pattern. It's nice for these very short rows, though.
Needles: Size 6 bamboo DPNs (only cause I didn't have regular size 6s).
Finished Measurements: Ooh, you know, I forgot to do this. They're just a bit bigger than a golf ball, if a golf ball is how big I think it is.
Pattern Mods: None. Pretty flexible pattern in terms of needle, yarn, and gauge, and if you changed anything else, it probably wouldn't be a sphere, would it?
Knitting in Public/Movies Watched While Knitting: Kinda had to pay attention to these dudes, but I did do the last one during Princess of Thieves the other night. Boy, Kiera Knightley started working before she started acting, didn't she?
Number of Times Frogged: None. I rock!
Things I Would Change Next Time: Well, it isn't finished on Ravelry yet because I want to do the larger size, too. That'll be a while yet, though.

Also, I realized that Sheila is due an entire month sooner than I thought she was, so I really need to get moving on baby stuff. Sigh.

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subliminalrabbit said...

ooooh, i'm going to have to knit these with the random yarn! maeve will be so excited - thanks!!!