Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Small Promise

Why, hello, my little langoliers!

It's Saturday, and I'm too lazy to go to the gym, and as soon as it's late enough to decently call Katie I'm going to see if she's interested in going to get something to eat. After that I will work on the Basket Weave of Eternity while watching Finding Nemo, and then tonight a group of us are going to see Quantum of Solace, which has FINALLY arrived in Japan. Squeal!

Wow, you might be saying. How fascinating. La-de-da. Well, as I was catching up on some blogs this morning (Yarn Harlot has been blogging for five years, dudes, and Knitting the Blues' computer died. Very emotional), I realized that I have got to stop writing novels every time I get on here. I mean, if I ever hope to attract a readership, and I guess I do, I can't expect people to slog through six pages of me rambling about whatever every time they visit. I think people will be much more forgiving of me rambling about whatever for half a page at a time.

And pictures, of course. Pictures are important. Nice ones. This is sunset over the river and bridge that cut right through the center of Yatsushiro.

Plus a wee mention of knitting: The Basket Weave is 24 1/2" long. So, 7 1/2" in the pattern stitch left and than an inch in moss stitch (bleah). I still have not started the finishing on the first ball, but I think I might do that today, after I've gotten bored of doing the blanket for a bit.

Then some geekery, since perhaps none of you who read this, if you exist and are actually thinking about it, have seen any real evidence of my geekiness. Clearly that would be those of you who have never met me. Anyway, geekiness: I watched Amadeus last night for the first time in years, and was just marveling over that aging make-up on F. Murray Abraham. That's kind of a make-up artist legend, how Dick Smith made a cast of his own forehead to get the wrinkles he wanted for old Salieri. And it worked! He and Paul LeBlanc won the Oscar for it. Not just for the forehead, of course - the hands! Did you see his hands as old Salieri? Beautiful, seriously. Sick Mozart was pretty nice, too. Afterwards, being the geek I am, I put on my 25 Mozart Favorites and went to Wikipedia to find out how much of that was made-up whole cloth. Almost the entire relationship between Salieri and Mozart, turns out. Which is cool, it's a story that got pieced together for dramatic effect from bits of intriguingly vague history and the fact that if it was creepy that Mozart couldn't quite finish what turned out to be his own Requiem, it would be even creepier if some malevolent force made him write it and thus killed him! But I was surprised that it turned out his wife was also musical (which makes sense) and that fact was completely ignored in the film. Hmph. Oh! and I was wondering why one of the supporting actors seemed so familiar, and after a bit of digging on IMDB, it turned out he played Dr. Lyman Hall of Georgia in 1776, one of our family favorites.

Also, Quantum of Solace better not have any scars or contacts that change color, as Casino Royale did. Maybe it was the lighting, but come on. A make-up artist of the caliber that gets a mega 007 gig ought to be on that.

Okay, that's enough for today. If you didn't think make-up commentary was geeky, you do not know enough theater and make-up geeks. For that, I'm not sure if I pity or envy you.

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