Monday, June 29, 2009

Hilarity Monday

Although I am not at work today, Monday, I am bringing you your hilarity anyway, because you might be at work and need it. Why am I not at work, you ask? Well, for the simple reason that this job very rarely requires me to do anything actually resembling work, and sometimes even requires me to stay home. Okay, then, you say, why the hell are you leaving this job? Well, that is a complicated tangle of stuff best left out of a simple blog.

I meant to blog more about knitting this week, honestly I did. I even took a picture of the Prepster vest as it now is, and I finished the October Baby Hat and Booties, and I'm almost done with the Not Quite Christmas Gloves (freakin' finally). But I've actually been off work since last Wednesday and have been lazing around. I did a bit of preparation for moving, even had an apartment inspection, but really I've just been sitting around watching movies and tv shows, unwilling to sit with this stupid-hot computer on my lap.

So, to make up for the non-knitting, non-blogging nature of this blog recently (okay, to feebly attempt to make up for it), I give you this week's hilarity: goats.

Yeah, see, goats are sort of knitting related. They even mentioned angora in there.


Anonymous said...

Tee hee. My sound isn't working, so I couldn't hear any of it. The fainting goats are pretty funny, but I gotta admit I feel a teeny bit sorry for them. If I had them, my kids would be making the poor things faint nonstop...

Axyro said...

I've actually seen these goats on Block Island in RI. Of course when people were watching they wouldn't faint. Lousy goats.