Thursday, October 9, 2008

The First Entry, With Nothing To Say

Right.  Here it is: my knitting blog.  

I haven't actually knit anything in a few days, so there isn't too much to enter here. I have several works in progress, of course, as one can see on Ravelry, but I really can't justify spending very much time on them right now, as I am currently in the process of applying to grad school. But soon the application part will be largely over, and there will be holiday knitting to do, so there is plenty to come. In fact, there is probably too much to come, as the whole reason I'm starting this blog is to cut down on the novels I'm writing in the notes section of my projects on Ravelry. There's just a lot to say.

In any case, the project I am most immediately attempting to finish is the Stripey Zo, but the crochet ears are proving a bit too much for me right now. Hence the avoidance.

As there is more time and more knitting, so will there be more blogging.

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